Photo Lane

Photo Lane Services

What is Photo Lane?

Photo Lane is thee easiest and most affordable way for inmates to receive photos from loved ones. Receiving photos regularly brings you closer to your families and lets you in on some of those special moments you might miss during incarceration. Our Photo Forwarding service allows your loved ones to email or text us photos, which we in turn print out and send to you! Photo Lane also provides a convenient photo duplication service, where we make copies of your photos and mail them back to you. In order to take advantage of Photo Forwarding or Photo Duplication, you must first purchase a Photo Lane account.

To Register via Email:

1.  Each inmate will add on their Trulinks (Corrlinks) email contact list and we will accept the contact in our email.

2.  We charge a $5.00 one-time account activation set-up fee.  This includes 5 FREE photos.  This fee is paid to us by the inmate or their friends and family.

3.  We will email the inmate their Photo Lane account info.

To Register via U.S. Mail:

1.  Fill out order form and make $5.00 payment to: (I would like to put a link for a downloadable PDF order form right here)

P.O. Box 500127
Atlanta, GA 31150

2.  We will mail you your Photo Lane account info via U.S. mail.

To Register via our website:

1.  Go to

2.  Click on My Account

3.  Purchase a Photo Lane Premium Membership for $5.00 (be sure to include Inmate info)

4.  We will send the Purchaser & Inmate their Photo Lane Account info.